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Kestrelpaw Ref by PatchyFallenstar Kestrelpaw Ref by PatchyFallenstar
"A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking, because her trust is not in the branch, but in her own wings. Always believe in yourself!"

Name: Kestrelkit | Kestrelpaw | Kestrelflight
Gender: She-cat | Orientation: Heterosexual (straight)
Clan: Moonclan | Rank: Apprentice
DOB: October 29, 2013 | AC: March 3, 2014 | WC: Not Happened Yet
Mentored by: Hazefire

{Social} {Easygoing} {Protective} {Adventurous} {Kind}

Social: Like her father, Kestrelpaw is a social butterfly and enjoys an abundance of friends, each of whom she cares a lot for. She is inclusive and always tries to bring in others. She is very aware of everyone's feelings.

Easygoing: Kestrelpaw is very laid back about a lot of things and enjoys all the wonders that life brings her.

Protective: Ever since they were kits, Kestrelpaw had looked out for her twin sister Mosspaw. Since they're both apprentices now they are both too busy to be together as often as before, but Kestrelpaw will do anything to protect her twin.

Adventurous: Unlike Mosspaw, Kestrelpaw loves adventures! Exploring and finding new things excites her more than any other. She dreams of one day exploring beyond the territory boundaries and seeing what lies beyond them.

Kind: Whether older or younger, Kestrelpaw minds her manners and is very sweet to everyone she encounters. She's also very humorous and enjoys making others laugh.



Breed: Mixed. She is 1/4th somali, 1/4 american shorthair and 1/2 scottish fold. Her father's genetics won out, giving her a more shorthair/somali-like appearance. 

Pelt: She has thick/soft brown and black fur with a white chest and muzzle.

Eyes: Beautiful Amber eyes…

Ears/Nose/Paws: Kestrelpaw has diluted pink paw pads, nose and inner ears.

Kestrelpaw has no outstanding scars.


|| STATS || 
Non-Battle Related

Hunting: Kestrelpaw is a fantastic huntress.

Socializing: She's very good at socializing.

Parenting: n/a

Swimming: She cannot swim.

Snowy Conditions: She isn't too bothered by it.

Climbing: Kestrelpaw is amazing at climbing.

Night-Vision: She sees well in the dark. She has the best vision.

Focus: She does well to follow orders.

Cleanliness: Grooming? Who has time for that?

Other Facts:
-Kestrelpaw is right-handed (pawed?)
-She isn't the most intelligent, but she's not stupid.
-She likes hunting more than fighting.
-She is actually very crafty. She makes flowercrowns.
-If she went to Hogwarts, she would be in Gryffindor.



Oct 16, 2013 :: Born || Kestrelkit
-Her brother Harekit dies at birth
-Her mother adopts Saplingkit
-Discovers her father is Sorrelfox
-Forms a connection with Timidbreeze

March 3, 2014 :: Apprentice Ceremony || Kestrelpaw
-Become acquainted with most of her Clanmates
-Grew close to Birchpaw and fell in love
-Met her half-siblings
-Fought in the Grat War [Current]



Mate: n/a [Current crush: Birchkit]
Kits: none
Parents: Mother - Barleyleap | Father - Sorrelfox
Littermates: Mosspaw | Harekit [deceased] - Saplingpaw [adopted]
Other: Related to Patchstar's line ; Related to Barleyleap's line ; Half-related to Willowpool's kits

Bullet; Purple - Best Friend
Bullet; Blue - Family
Bullet; Green - Friend
Bullet; Orange - Ally
Bullet; Red - Rival/Uncertain/Feared
Bullet; Pink - Love Interest
Bullet; Yellow - Stranger/Unknown
:skull: Strikeout - Deceased



:bulletpurple: :bulletorange:Fallenstar - Kestrelpaw feels that Fallenstar should be treated with the same respect and dignity that Timidbreeze shows him. She has only talked to him a few times, mostly regarding her training, and doesn't believe him to be a bad cat as everyone claims.

:bulletpurple: :bulletorange: Spiceshadow - Kestrelpaw really admires the deputy, wishing she knew him better. She knows him as Sorrelfox's former apprentice, and any cat Sorrelfox is friends with, Kestrelpaw wants to be friends with. Especially since he was (at one time) considered Breezemoon's brother.

:bulletpurple: Breezemoon - Kestrelpaw and her littermates have a special connection with the medicine cat as he checked up on them often. He and Spiceshadow are -- maybe not anymore, though -- considered brothers.

:bulletblue: Barleyleap - Kestrelpaw's adoring mother whom she loves with all her heart. Kessy wishes that she could train more with her, but since returning to the warriors' den, Barleyleap has been busy with the many chores around camp.

:bulletblue: Mosspaw - Kestrelpaw's dearest twin sister. She'd do anything for her, and will protect her with all of her might, no matter what. She was distraught when she heard about the incident between Mosspaw, Timidbreeze and the SnowClanner, but thanks to Timidbreeze, Mosspaw wasn't hurt. Mosspaw seems to have a good relationship with Scorpionpaw, to Kestrelpaw's delight.

:bulletblue: Saplingpaw - Though he's adopted, Kestrelpaw has never thought of him as adopted, and considers him just as close as a blood related littermate. The two get along really well, playing and training together often. He kind of teases Kestrelpaw a lot, especially now that he's getting bigger than she is as he reaches his full size. She gets him back though, reminding him that she's actually got a tail.

:bulletblue: :bulletgreen: Timidbreeze - Kestrelpaw has a really great connection with this Nursery Helper, considering Timidbreeze to be family. She was Barleyleap's apprentice, so the two are extremely close, and Timidbreeze helped out when Kestrelpaw and her littermates were kits. She even found excuses to let Sorrelfox watch them from time to time without it being suspicious.

:bulletblue: Sorrelfox - Kestrelpaw's father. His identity is not known to many Clan cats, as he is public mates with Willowpool, having just fathered her litter of kittens. Despite that, Kestrelpaw has maintained a good, healthy relationship with the tom, often going on hunting trips or patrols with him in the party. His new kittens are nothing but excitement to Kestrelpaw, and she wants to get to know them all really well.

:bulletblue: Auburnkit - One of Sorrelfox and Willowpool's sons. Kestrelpaw is overjoyed at the announcement of his birth, and right away wants to establish a good relationship with the tom. She wants to play with him all the time.

:bulletblue: Burningkit - A more quiet of the SorrelWillow kits, Kestrelpaw doesn't connect with him as well. Mosspaw actually enjoys Burningkit's company more, as he is a bit more calm than his littermates. Kestrelpaw still loves him though, and can't wait to help him train.

:bulletblue: Chasingkit - Kestrelpaw is so excited to meet and play with Chasingkit. He's another SorrelWillow kit, and Kestrelpaw wants to have a good relationship with him.

:bulletblue: Redkit - SorrelWillow's only daughter. Kestrelpaw is going to treat her like a spoiled little sister. Kessy thinks Red is gorgeous, and wants to be her BFF.

:bulletgreen: Creampaw - Kestrelpaw thinks she's really cool, and likes to talk to her a lot. She wholeheartedly believes that Creampaw will follow in Patchstar's footsteps and make a great leader one day. 

:bulletorange: Frogpaw - Kestrelpaw doesn't have much of a relationship with the quiet DavePatchy kit, but she does think Frogpaw is nice. She hasn't seen Frogpaw as much after Kestrelpaw became an apprentice, as the calico kind of shut herself away after Patchstar died. Kestrelpaw hopes she's getting better, as she's noticed that she and Marigoldpaw spend a lot of time together.

:bulletorange: Scorpionpaw - Kestrelpaw doesn't know Scorpionpaw that well, only that he's really close to Mosspaw and treats her right, so Kessy likes him enough. He is one of the DavePatch kits, so Kestrelpaw thinks he must be really valuable in the Clan, and treats him as such.

:bulletred: Bristlepaw - The only contact Kestrelpaw ever had with Bristlepaw left a bad taste in her mouth, she doesn't get along with him at all. 

:bulletyellow: Thrushwing - They haven't talked much, but Kestrelpaw thinks he's nice and hardworking.

:bulletgreen: Jackalpaw - When she was a kit, Kestrelpaw had a crush on the young tom, but their lives were too different for them to spend too much time together. She can't wait to spend more time and reconnect with him now that he's an apprentice, but she probably won't like him any more than just a good friend.

:bulletpurple: :bulletpink: Birchpaw - Birchpaw is Kestrelpaw's best friend and crush. She is absolutely devoted to him, and thinks the world of the brown tom. She wants to spend all of her time with him -- even when asleep. She built his nest close to hers, and was the first to take him outside of camp. They made promises to each other to make flower crowns and collect flowers for each other as apprentices.

:skull: Patchstar - Kestrelpaw didn't know her too well but from what she'd heard and saw, she knows Patchstar was an amazing she-cat. She's sad to hear that Patchstar's gone, especially since she didn't get to know her.

:bulletgreen: Mothpaw - Breezemoon's apprentice whom Kestrelpaw wants to talk to and get to know more. She wholeheartedly believes he does a great job as a medicine cat and supports him in every way.

:bulletgreen: Hazefire - Kestrelpaw's mentor, whom she idolizes to the highest degree. She is so happy to be paired with someone she gets along great with and has fun training with. And he's Birchpaw's father, so that kind of adds in bonus points for Kessy. Heehee.

:bulletyellow: Coyotepaw - Jackalpaw's jealous sister, Kestrelpaw feels like she's walking on eggshells around her. She doesn't think Coyotepaw likes her much--though she will try everything to be friendly and nice to the she-cat.

:bulletgreen: Vixenkit - Timidbreeze's daughter, Kestrelpaw gave her the name "Vixen" as an ode to Kessy's father, Sorrelfox. She loves Vixen to death and has played a few games with her, and chatted about the other kits and apprentices with her.

:bulletgreen: Morningkit - Timidbreeze's daughter. Kestrelpaw hasn't talked to Morningkit much, but she loves her all the same.

:bulletgreen: Milkkit - One of Timidbreeze's adopted daughters. Kestrelpaw hasn't talked to her yet.

:bulletgreen: Dandelionkit - One of Timidbreeze's adopted daughters. Kestrelpaw hasn't talked to her yet.

:bulletgreen: Cottonkit - 
One of Timidbreeze's adopted daughters. Kestrelpaw hasn't talked to her yet.

:bulletgreen: Tornkit - 
Timidbreeze's adopted son. Kestrelpaw hasn't talked to him yet, but is curious about him and why he's missing his fur.

~rp with kestrel to establish a relationship with her!~

|| TRIVIA ||

:bulletblack: Kestrelpaw is a lot like Sorrelfox, both in looks and personality; she's very outgoing and playful. She wants as many friends as she can!
:bulletblack: She was modeled after a female American Kestrel, but then I changed her to look more like her somali father. Personally I like this one much better.
:bulletblack: She's my first character in this TWG that has amber eyes, so beautiful. She's going to have the best eyesight of all my characters, and is going to be the best mouse hunter.
:bulletblack: Squirrels are her favorite food.
:bulletblack: She is very fun to rp as, I'm really excited that she's an apprentice now!
:bulletblack: She's gone through four re-designs now, hahaha.

Kestrelpaw belongs to (c) me insanityNothing / PatchyFallenstar
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sparkeythehamster Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2014
Would you like to do a quick RP with Springpaw?
PatchyFallenstar Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah let's do it!

You start >:3
sparkeythehamster Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2014

Tail twitching, Springpaw glanced around the Apprentice Den. Lostpaw had lied to him and Blossompaw wasn't making any sense, so his only choice was to ask the other she-cat Apprentices in Camp and see if they would be any more helpful.
This wasn't exactly the easiest task in the world for him, he wasn't used to talking to girls, and those he did often talk to were rude to him, but he had to try and report his findings back to Mothpaw.

Dizzypaw and Bumbledpaw had told him this ridiculous story, and it was a story in all honesty that he thought perhaps Kestrelpaw might be able to solve for him, considering Birchpaw just rolled his eyes at him every time he approached as politely as he could and demanded that he tell him exactly what these 'Cooties' were and why only he seemed to mind catching them?
PatchyFallenstar Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Kestrelpaw was busy plucking a pigeon of it's feathers, the same pigeon she'd caught on her patrol with Hazefire and the others. She'd been so excited when her mentor had told her she'd earned the right to eat the prey she'd caught, so she wanted to make sure it was perfect. Unfortunately, preening the birds of their feathers never proved easy, and she was covered in the tiny down feathers, some of them getting stuck in her fur.

She looked up half-interested as some of the other apprentices tumbled about in the den; Mosspaw and Scorpionfang were talking to each other just outside the entrance, Sootpaw and Leopardpaw were arguing in the corner, and Springpaw was looking around. The somali went back to her business.
sparkeythehamster Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2014
Suddenly spotting Kestrelpaw, Springpaw snuck his way over to her, making sure that Birchpaw wasn't anywhere in sight, he spotted Leopardpaw, one of Lostpaw and Birchpaw's sisters, but he'd never seen her talking with them, so it was unlikely it would get back down the line.
"Umm... excuse me... miss?" He wasn't sure how else to address one of the senior Apprentices, and usually he wouldn't have approached one, "I... have a question?" 

She seemed like a nice she-cat, at least as far as she-cats went, "Well, I'm on a mission from Mothpaw to discover the cause of these... well... 'Cooties'..." He felt a little embarrassed saying it, now he was starting to doubt it was actually a thing, "...and, I heard from Bumblepaw you may have some insight on how the whole thing works?"
PatchyFallenstar Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
"Sure, Springpaw," Kestrelpaw purred, calling the tom by name. Though she didn't really know the cat, she'd seen him around, and had talked about him with Birchpaw.

"Ah yes, Birchpaw warned me about that..." the somali laughed. "I do in fact have some insight. I talked to my sister Mosspaw about it, in fact, just before you came over."
sparkeythehamster Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014
"Really?" Springpaw looked up hopefully, then dropped his gaze quickly remembering to be respectful, "well... Mothpaw did tell me about it... I know it's not really Cooties... but you know what it is... and I was wondering... how do you cope with it?"
He was pretty sure Kestrelpaw would know, and because she was older she probably wouldn't be as silly about it as Dizzypaw and Blossompaw were, who treated the very mention of 'feelings' as something covered in fluffy kitten fluff in need of a goodnight lullaby.
PatchyFallenstar Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Kestrelpaw got in really close to Springpaw's face, like, uncomfortably close. "I've had cooties for five seasons," she lied, her voice deep and trying to be menacing. "You don't cope with it; it eats you alive. I don't have a stomach anymore, or claws, because of cooties. I can't catch or eat prey or even breathe," she was just joking around, but she was trying her hardest to remain super serious.
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cupkit Featured By Owner May 27, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
RP with her half sister? ovo !!

//does kestrel know about her half siblings??
PatchyFallenstar Featured By Owner May 28, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist

And yes she does, she's spoken to Sorrelfox and Barleyleap about them. She's really excited about them :D
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