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Kestrelflight Ref by PatchyFallenstar Kestrelflight Ref by PatchyFallenstar
"A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking, because her trust is not in the branch, but in her own wings. Always believe in yourself!"

Kestrelkit | Kestrelpaw | Kestrelflight || Nicknames: Kessy
Name Meanings:
Kestrel- for her pelt and eye color;
-flight for her optimistic attitude and go-getter personality.

|| Gender: She-cat | Orientation: Heterosexual (straight) ||
Clan: MoonClan | Rank: Warrior
DOB: October 29, 2013 | AC: March 3, 2014 | WC: Sept 1, 2014
|| Mentored by: Hazefire || Has mentored: n/a ||

.:: || PERSONALITY || ::.

{Social} {Easygoing} {Protective} {Adventurous} {Humorous}

{Outgoing} {Friendly} {Entertainer}

{Enjoy the Little Things} {When Life Hands You Lemons} {Chill}

{Mama Bear} {Safety First} {I've Got Your Back}

{Explorer} {Adventure is Out There} {Finding Little Wonders}

{Funny} {Jokester} {Harmless Prankstress}


.:: || DESCRIPTION || ::.

Breed | Pelt
|| Mixedbreed .::. Somali .::. Shorthair .::. Scottish Fold | She has thick, soft brown and black fur with a white chest and muzzle. 

Amber eyes

Voice | Scent
Meow ||  Wildflowers | Moss

Ears | Nose | Paws
Dilute Pinkish-Orange

Prominent Scars
Kestrelflight has no outstanding scars.


.:: || STATS || ::.

.::Battle Related::.

{Light on her feet} {Agile} {Quick-Thinker} {Accurate}

.::Non-Battle Related::.

{Hunter | Hunted} {Sink | Swim} {Can| not Climb} {Good | Bad Night Vision}
{Social: Butterfly | Coccoon} {Parenting: Best | Good | Poor | Bad} {Clean | Messy}


{Handedness: Right | Left | Ambidextrous} 
{Hogwarts: Gryffindor | Hufflepuff | Ravenclaw | Slytherin} 
{Homestuck: Prospit | Derse Dreamer} - {God Tier: Witch of Void}


{Food: Squirrel} {Fighting Move: Tree Leap} {Scent: Birchcloud >u> and Wildflowers}


.:: || A BRIEF HISTORY || ::. 

|| Oct 16, 2013 :: Born | Kestrelkit ||
-Born to Barleyleap with her twin sister Mossfire and stillborn brother Harekit.
-Her mother finds and adopts Saplingheart
-Discovers her father is Sorrelfox
-Forms a connection with Timidbreeze

|| March 3, 2014 :: Apprentice Ceremony | Kestrelpaw ||
-Become acquainted with most of her Clanmates
-Grew close to Birchcloud and fell in love
-Willowpool gave birth to her half-siblings
-Was there for Timidbreeze's kitting, named Vixenpaw.
-Fought in the Great War 

|| Sept 1, 2014 :: Warrior Ceremony | Kestrelflight ||
-Became a mentor to her half-sister, Redpaw
-Became an aunt to Mossfire's three kits, Olivekit, Stormkit and Twokit.
-Became mates with Birchcloud after his warrior ceremony.


.:: || RELATIONSHIPS || ::.

{Bullet; PinkFamilyBullet; Purple} {Bullet; BlueFriendsBullet; Blue} {Bullet; GreenAcquaintancesBullet; Green} {Bullet; RedRivalsBullet; Red}

Bullet; Purple Family Bullet; Purple 

.:: Parents and Grandparents ::.
|| Parents .::. Sorrelfox | Barleyleap ||
|| GrandParents .::. Cloudstep | Duskpelt || Hareleap | Dapple(pelt) ||

.:: Littermates ::. 
|| Mossfire | HarekitSaplingheart ||
|| Half-Siblings .::. Auburnpaw | Burningpaw | ChasingpawRedpaw ||
|| "Adopted" Siblings .::. Timidbreeze ||

.:: Mate and Kits ::. 
|| Heart Birchcloud Heart ||
|| Kits .::. n/a ||

.:: Other ::. 
|| Patchstar's Line | Barleyleap's Line | Timidbreeze's Line ("Big Sister") ||

Bullet; Blue Friends Bullet; Blue

|| Breezemoon || Creamrose || Jackalcry || Coyotetail || Mothtrail || Vixenpaw || Hazefire || Morningpaw || Timidbreeze || Jackalcry || 

|| Flintspeckle || 

Bullet; Green Acquaintances Bullet; Green

|| Fallenstar ||  Frogsplash || Spiceshadow || Scorpionfang || 

Bullet; Red Rivals Bullet; Red 

|| Bristlefang ||

.:: || TRIVIA || ::.

:bulletblack: She was modeled after a female American Kestrel, but then I changed her to look more like her somali father. Personally I like this one much better.
:bulletblack: She's my first character in this TWG that has amber eyes, so beautiful. She hasthe best eyesight of all my characters, and is the best mouse hunter.
:bulletblack: She's gone through four re-designs now, hahaha.

Kestrelflight belongs to (c) me insanityNothing / PatchyFallenstar
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sparkeythehamster Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2014
I thought perhaps we could start a new RP for the BirchKestrel confessions?
PatchyFallenstar Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yes please! I've been looking forward to it ;u;

Sorry I haven't replied much to RPs. I have like 10 stacked up and I keep putting them off hahahaha
sparkeythehamster Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2014
((That's fine, I have quite a few stacked up as well ^_^))

"Kestrelflight?" Birchcloud peered into the Warrior's Den, glancing in the direction of her nest. He'd meant to speak to her a lot earlier than this, but she'd been busy, then he'd been busy and then the whole thing with Springpaw had happened - Birchcloud was pretty sure that the tom was deliberately trying to make him feel guilty for it, not that he didn't already feel that way, he should have looked before he pounced...

Shaking his head quickly, he brought his mind back into focus, Kestrelflight was the only priority now, he could worry about everything else later.
PatchyFallenstar Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
((procrastinators unite! ...........tomorrow))

Kestrelflight was mid-grooming session, sharing tongues with her brother Saplingheart and excitedly chatting about Mossfire's new kits when she heard her name being called by Birchcloud. She called back to him, "Oh! Coming!" to which Saplingheart raised a fuzzy eyebrow and made a low "oooooooooooooooooh" noise, which landed him a playful cuff on the ear from his sister. Kestrelflight lept up and padded towards the entrance where she found herself face-to-face with her best friend.

"Hi Birchcloud," she greeted with a purr, "what's goin' on?"
sparkeythehamster Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2014
Birchcloud spotted her and smiled as she padded towards him, noticing a slight smirk on her brother's face as he watched her go.
"Hey, I'm fine, I was just... well I was wondering if you wanted to go on a walk... I sort of had something I wanted to tell you," he'd much rather discuss this where there wasn't anybody else to overhear just in case she had to turn him down or he made a fool out of himself in some way.

"I was thinking the flower field or something like that," he'd never seen any other Cats there so there was a little to no chance that anybody would disturb them. "You're looking good by the way, you must pass on my congratulations to your sister on her Kits."
PatchyFallenstar Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
"A walk sounds really nice, better than hanging around here with that fleabag," she gestured with her tail towards Saplingheart, who called back in mock anger, "I heard that!" while Kestrelflight laughed.

She blushed slightly at the compliment, but masked it under a large grin. "They're absolutely beautiful, Birchcloud. I'll pass on the message to Mossfire. Shall we go to the Flower Field, then?" Just the thought alone of venturing to their favorite spot together made Kestrelflight feel a mixture of excitement and nervousness. What could Birchcloud want to ask her?
sparkeythehamster Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2014
Smiling, he bowed his head in gratitude as he walked alongside her out of the Camp, able to feel her pelt just brushing against his. He risked a couple of glances at her when he hoped she wasn't looking, remembering all those moons ago when he'd bumped into her in the Medicine Cat's Den. He'd been completely smitten with Timidbreeze at that point, looking back on it made him thoroughly embarrassed.
She was such an elegant she-cat, with golden amber eyes that reminding him of something powerful and precious.

"I haven't been to the flower field in quite some time" he admitted, "It doesn't feel quite right to go on my own."
PatchyFallenstar Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
"I haven't been since...the last time I was there with you," Kestrelflight admitted as well, looking over at her friend as he padded along beside her. StarClan...when did he get so tall? He was taller than she was, and the somali she-cat hadn't noticed until now.

Their pelts brushed as they walked, and while Kestrelflight didn't want to read too much into it and overexcite herself, the gentleness of his fur against hers and his voice echoing in her head saying he wanted to ask her something important made her a little suspicious about what he could want to discuss.
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RuubixCube Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2014
PatchyFallenstar Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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